Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

Title: The Wedding Dress
Author: Rachel Hauck
Genre:  Christian Romance, Contemporary
Pages:  343
Published:  April 2012
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Source:  NetGalley
Where to buy: Amazon


One dress. Four women. An amazing destiny.

Charlotte Malone is getting married. Yet all is not settled in the heart of Birmingham's chic bridal boutique owner.

Charlotte can dress any bride to perfection-except herself. When she discovers a vintage mint-condition wedding gown in a battered old trunk, Charlotte embarks on a passionate journey to discover the women who wore the gown before her.

Emily in 1912. Mary in 1939. And Hillary in 1968. Each woman teaches Charlotte something about love in her own unique way. Woven within the threads of the beautiful hundred-year-old gown is the truth about Charlotte's heritage, the power of faith, and the beauty of finding true love.

Charlotte had no idea what came over her when she started bidding on the battered up old trunk at an estate auction.  As life gets busy the sealed trunk gets pushed to the side until one day she just has to open it.  With the help of a friend and some tools they pry open the lid and find the most amazingly preserved wedding dress.  Tucked inside the trunk is a set of dog tags, which starts Charlotte on an incredible journey through the history of one dress.

I really loved this book!  Charlotte is an amazing character who through the discovery of a dress learns about her own past as well as the history behind the dress.  As the story progresses we meet some of the most amazing women who were lucky enough to wear this vintage dress.  From 1912 until present the dress travels from woman to woman on it’s journey to Charlotte.

I loved the combination of history, fashion and the amazing characters through out the story.  Sections of the book are from Emily’s perspective as she prepares to get married.  I don’t want to give too much away about the story, but it’s an incredible journey you won’t want to miss.

Will I recommend this book?  Most definitely.  Rachel has created the most wonderful story that I couldn’t put down.  As I got farther and farther into the story the more hooked I became.  I wanted to find out who wore the dress, the story behind it and what was going to happen with Charlotte.  Will I read more by this author?  Yes!  I’ve already added several of her books to my wish-list and can’t wait to get my hands on them.

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