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A Day in the Life of.. Joanna Bourne


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Joanna Bourne writes historical fiction set in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and Regency England.  As she puts it, "It was a time of love and sacrifice, clashing ideals, and really cool clothing." 

She lives in the Appalachian Mountains with her family, her dog, and her peculiar cat.

Joanna Bourne is a RITA winner, and three-time RITA finalist, winner and twice short-listed for the American Library Association, RUSA Genre Reading List Award, Winner of the Romantic Times Best Romantic Adventure Novel, and listed on the Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2010.

Her website is at:
He blog, at:

A Day in the Life of..

I awaken in my luxurious penthouse, high above New York City. My man-of-all-work, Sven, brings me the morning breakfast tray in bed. The usual -- cut crystal vase with an orchid, Eggs Benedict, strawberries, fresh-squeezed orange juice. I do a few quick laps in the swimming pool before my yoga session. Then Sven gives me a massage . . .

Ah. You were after, like, reality.

Morning. There I am in bed, engaged in one of my all-time favorite activities -- sleeping. My cat, who looks like a Himalayan but probably isn't because she came from the pound, bellies in under the covers and bites me on the Tuckus.

I . . . ah . . . spring from bed with a glad cry and dress in my writing clothes. That's soft cotton trousers and a tee shirt. Clop, clop, clop downstairs. Click click click, the dog follows me. Pad pad pad pad the cat follows me.

We conduct the first important business of the day. I feed the animals.

This is followed by the second vital act of the day. I make coffee.

Now, explorers spend the day shooting the rapids and climbing mountains. Casualty nurses stop bleeding and save lives. Teachers endure great peril in confronting the young of the species, en masse.

Writers sit in front of a gently growing computer and tap keys.

Six hours pass in a manner supremely boring to any observer, accompanied by coffee. Every once in a while I get up and walk the dog. I fix some lunch. After putting in my writing time I am generally inclined to fix dinner as well. After a hearty repast, me and the D.H. might sit next to the fire, season permitting. I pick up a book. I clean the house. The cat comes over and sits on my lap, shedding hairs.

I mean, the excitement never ends.

By Joanna Bourne:


  1. It's wonderful to read about Joanna Bourne, who is one of my favorite authors.

    Thank you for this glimpse into your day.

    Do you take your coffee black?

  2. Hi Tin --

    Back when I was young and easy under the apple boughs and the night above the dingle starry, I took my coffee with half-and-half and sugar. Those were the careless days of yore, as it were.

    Now, being more health conscious, I drink skinny latte without any sweetening.

    It's a bit like making your Romance hero a tort lawyer. You can enjoy him but you have to read it not thinking of Johnny Depp.

    1. A tort lawyer?! A romance hero who's a TORT lawyer? Oh, well, it IS fiction... So maybe a tort lawyer could resemble Johnny Depp.

    2. Now there's an idea for a Contemporary. A tort lawyer who looks like Johnny Depp. In an expensive suit. *sigh*

  3. Sounds like my idea of a perfect day. Minus the cat. :)

  4. There are times -- especially on a winter morning when the bedroom is like ice -- when I could stand to be minus the cat myself.

    (jo apologizes to cat, "No. No. Snuggums. I don't mean it.")

  5. I thought I'd break the cycle this morning and work in the garden before it got too hot. First it was too cold which brought about my next discovery - a snake in the decorative grass. I had two choices both meant going inside either to change into something warmer or to have my morning coffee and troll FB for any new romances to read :). Here I am - short sleeves and tank top, hair pulled into a neck-baring knot and trying to decide which "Spymaster" I haven't read.

  6. Hi Debbie --

    Wait. Wait. I'm still back at the snake. What happened to the snake?

    Now I'm going to sit here and worry about it.

    You have to understand, my own garden gets copperheads in it as often as it gets pretty little garter snakes so I naturally am interested in specifics.

  7. Jo, I ENTIRELY disagree with what you say about what writers do.

    Yes, "explorers spend the day shooting the rapids and climbing mountains. Casualty nurses stop bleeding and save lives. Teachers endure great peril in confronting the young of the species, en masse."

    But writers—at least the great ones like you—sit in front of a computer and do all the above plus so much more, including streetfighting in dark Parisian alleys, creeping over wet, slippery rooftops to search for top secret papers, sampling English spies ... I LOVE your work, Jo (which you already know). Without your adventurous mind I wouldn't have nearly as much fun!

    *slumps off grumbling about trying to find a Sven up here in Nova Scotia*

  8. Sven loves the north, being Swedish, donchaknow. Though the Swede I knew very well assures me Sweden is not at all cold and snowy, but actually very moderate in temperature. He implied palm trees.

    Nowadays all my adventuring is in the theoretical realm, which is considerably more comfortable than the IRL kind. I prefer to google 'revolution' rather than hunker down under the genuine article. *g*

  9. Jo, you're letting down the team. Should have stuck with the description in your first paragraph, or gone with something involving a garret and a bare, flickering light bulb. We writers have an image to uphold.

    I'm impressed that you feed the animals BEFORE making coffee. You are a better mensch than I.

    1. And I do all these fancy things for the animals too. Opening cans, like.

      Did I mention that the cat comes up and very carefully lays her teeth against my skin wherever she can get holt of it. Not biting. Never biting. Just showing me that biting is on her drop-down menu.

  10. other than the writing part & the pet part & the DH part, sounds like my life. I've been thinking about adding the pet part.

    1. I'm enthusiastic about the pet part and can recommend it.

      Well. About the husband part and the DH part, too.

  11. This sounds like my ideal day. Must retire from day job and get to writing. Animals I can do, but does DH ever get underfoot?

  12. Can't say that DH gets underfoot. When my brain is working too hard, I'll sometimes take it out to a coffeeshop where it can churn and buzz in peace.

    But I'm not good company when I write. Only the animals could love me when I'm chiseling away at some little problem bit.

    Right now, for instance, I have a scene to rewrite that I thought I was done with. So much NOT in every direction on this.


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