Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lusting for Covers (7)

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme hosted by The Book Queen's Book Palace, held on Sunday's, that allows bloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers.

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How to Capture a Countess by Karen Hawkins

Available September 2012

Urged by her favorite nephew, the intimidating Duchess of Roxburghe agrees to transform a thorny Scottish rose into a lovely bloom. But even she isn’t prepared for fiery Rose Balfour.

At seventeen, Rose fell wildly in love with Lord Alton Sinclair, known as Lord Sin for his wicked ways. Stung by his indifference, the starry-eyed girl tried to win an illicit kiss, but then panicked and pushed the notorious rakehell into a fountain. Leaving Lord Sin floating among the lily pads to the mocking laughter of his peers, Rose escaped back to the obscurity of the Scottish countryside.

Six years later, Sin convinces his aunt, the Duchess of Roxburghe, to invite Rose to her annual house party, where he plans to get revenge by making Rose the laughingstock of polite society. To his astonishment, he finds she has become an alluring woman who threatens to turn the tables on his nefarious plans. Thus Sin and Rose begin an epic battle of the sexes that becomes more passionate at every turn. Eventually, one will have to surrender . . . but to vengeance? Or to love’s deepest passion?


When You Give a Duke a Diamond by Shana Galen

Available September 2012

This hot new Regency trilogy full of fast-paced adventure, wit, and heat follows a glittering trio of celebrated courtesans whose fortunes depend on the ton believing the rumors about their mysterious lives.

Juliette, the Duchess of Dalliance, is thrown into a whirlwind of deception, debauchery, and stolen diamonds when she witnesses the murder of the Duke of Pelham’s fiancee. The last thing the duke wants is to protect a woman of ill-repute…but as he uncovers his fiancee’s duplicity and spends more time with the lovely courtesan, the more intrigued he becomes...


  1. Thanks for participating in this week's L4C! :)

    I didn't know Hawkins had a new one coming out soon--I don't believe I've seen this cover before! :) Thanks for sharing, I love it and can't wait to read it.

    And I can't wait to read Shana's newest; it's been a while since I've read her work, but I still remember well how great it is. Still need to read a few of her current releases, though. This one's going on my list for sure!

    Thanks for sharing, Aislynn!
    TBQ's Book Palace

  2. "The Duchess of Dalliance"! How can I resist a book like that?


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