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A Day in the Life of… Sherri A Dub


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securedownload[1] I am a wife, mother, grandmother and full time writer.  I  love anything to do with the paranormal and Steampunk.  I am an active PRO member of RWA and FF&P.

I was born and raised in California, but spent 16 years in Alaska.  After earning my BA in Anthropology from UAA & sending my son off to the USAF, I relocated to Nevada with my hubby to start my writing career full~time.

Now, as we've welcomed 2012~we are moving one last time, to The Big Island of Hawaii.  Very exciting stuff is in store, we are certain.

Of course, we are both kept in line by our devilish Siamese cat, Kadabra.  She rules our home with a paw full of claws, but we love her.  

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A Day in the Life of Sherri A. Dub

When not writing, hiking or scootering around the Big Island of Hawaii, Sherri A. Dub can be found at her website address: or on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter as, Sheropatra.

6:00 am

I like to start my day with lying in bed, listening to the various voices of birdsong outside my Ohana on the Big Island.

There's a rooster that likes to crow at 5:30, but that only reminds me to sleep another half hour.

My siamese cat, Kadabra is usually in the crook of my arm or curled at my feet.

6:30 am

I get up, slide into Island slippers (plastic sandals) and make a pot of freshly ground Kona coffee; Unless I want to go into town for breakfast.

Usually, I sip my java on the lanai while I jot down notes in a journal and plan my day.

7:00 am

Shower, dress and brush my teeth.  Preparing for the onslaught of tricky sunlight and vog from our volcano, means a nice coating of sunscreen (45 SPF) and Bare Minerals make-up for me.

7:30 am

One of two things happen: 

*I scooter into town on my bike, affectionately named: Blue Tiki.  And head to Lava Java, a delicious bakery/coffee shop where a local (Dennis Garcia) plays an amplified Ukulele and croons in a sweet voice, while I eat a pull-apart cinnamon roll and sip coffee out of a huge mug.  If my husband's home, we split an omlette, as they are huge and sinfully delicious.

*Or, I stay home, eat a bowl of Captain Crunch and began a day of writing.

If I'm going to be writing, editing or plotting~  I spend about thirty minutes answering emails, signing into Twitter with a few salutations and checking my website for any interactions.  I really try to be disciplined with Twitter, as it is a huge time suck, even if it is fun to interact with.

Then, the writing will commence.

Right now, I'm editing my first of three Paranormal Romances for print.  Last year, in the span of 11 months, I published 3 Para/Rom's in Ebook format. 







But, if I were breaking to concentrate on my next project, a YA Steampunk Trilogy set in the later part of the 1800's...I have numerous duties I can undertake. 

I've never written a YA before, so I am choosing to change things up.  Usually, I write an outline, characters sketches and story idea into my WriteWayPro software, then just fly-by-the-seat of my pants on a first draft.

With this unique series, I'm going all out to change things up with my style & tone.

I've been keeping a huge notebook for the series.  Drawing characters, sketching devices and creating my Steampunk world-setting.

Research has been eye-opening and extremely enjoyable.

It's been fun to develop, interesting to create and I feel this notebook is helping me to connect with my storyline on a more complex level.

11:00 am

I'll usually stop for lunch, as I hate eating later in the day.  It makes me sluggish.

A typical lunch is a sandwich and fruit or Thai food in town.

12:00 Noon

If I stayed home to write, this is the time I'd jump on my scooter and go into town to check the mail, collect fresh fruit at the open market on Ali'i Drive and do any errands I have on my list.

*This always includes, without fail, stopping for a shaved ice and eating it at the wall on Ali'i Drive.  It's one of my favourite spots to watch the sea turtles and take in the fresh ocean air.

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Back at home.

I hit the computer up again~ Answering emails, twitters and Facebook.

I do any chores I have left unattended, such as laundry or cat care duties.  I scan my day-timer for bills due, events upcoming or notes I've left myself.

I may watch a movie, read or just spend time reaching out to my family on the Mainland.

This time period all revolves around whether or not my Husband is home with me, or away in Alaska on the North Slope for work. (He works in the Oil Field, 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off).  It works for us.  And we like to tell people, his schedule has kept us married for 17 years.

If he's home, we play yahtzee or cards.  Or, we scooter to a beach and snorkel with the sea turtles until the sun dips toward the horizon.

6:00 pm - Midnight

I make a cheese, fruit and meat plate for dinner. Or, heat up soup.  I can't eat a large meal before bed.

I like to bounce back and forth between reading, writing and face timing with family members.  On any given evening, I can be found on the lania with a Jack & Ginger in one hand and a nice fat book in the other.  My iPhone's always at the ready.  I have a large family, and we like to chat.

There are wild turkey, pigs and various lizards in the rainforest around the patio, so it's my favourite spot.

In fact, in a birdcage outside, I have a chameleon name Camille.   A local boy caught her for me.  She's adorable.


I turn in, happily sated from another day of my life. 

I think disconnected thoughts of wild flowers, waterfalls and sand between my toes. 

I dream of being on the NY Times Best Seller's List.

I fall asleep, with the rain forest all around me and the lull of the Island's magick in my soul.

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