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Review: Conquered by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

Title:  Conquered by a Highlander
Author:  Paula Quinn
Genre:  Historical Romance
Pages:  384
Published:  May 2012
Publisher:  Forever
Source:  NetGalley
Buy Links:  Amazon, Book Depository, Kobo



Colin MacGregor was born to fight-for his beliefs, his king, and his family's honour. After years away from his beloved Scotland, he yearns to return to its lush, green hills-and he can, after he completes one final mission for the king. Sent to infiltrate a traitor's home, Colin is determined to expose the treasonous plot and triumph on the battlefield . . . until he meets a sensual lass who tempts him towards other pursuits . . . .


Lady Gillian Dearly is no stranger to temptation. Cast out of her family for bearing an illegitimate child, she's now the ward of a barbarian conspiring against the king. Her only desire: freedom for her son and for herself at any cost, even if it means making a deal with the devil. Yet when a mysterious Highlander appears in their midst, his braw strength and smouldering gaze give her hope for a future beyond the castle walls-and promise a desire unlike any she's ever known. But passion comes at a price . .

Spice Level:  Highlanders = Sexy
Violence Level:  Lots of sword play and some fighting.

Trapped by her cousin with no way out, she’s followed constantly by guards and leered at by the mercenaries that occupy her cousin’s hall.  All she cares about it protecting her son at all costs – Edmund is her life and she’ll do anything to keep him safe.  Lord Devon has other plans for her and they don’t include her son.  When Colin Campbell shows up on Lord Devon’s door step, everything changes.

Bound to the King, Colin travels from place to place digging up dirt on traitors and relaying the information back to the troops.  Everything is about war and fighting, protecting the King at all costs.  That is until he meets Gillian.  Can he do his job and protect Gillian at the same time?   What will become of them and will they be able to be together?

I love highlanders, there is something sexy about a man in a kilt holding a broadsword – and this book didn’t disappoint!  I loved Colin, he was such a strong, protective, sexy male hero.  Hired to spy he tries to stay focused on the task at hand.  But he’s constantly distracted by the lovely Gillian and her son Edmund.  I LOVED the interaction between Gillian and her son and how much she would do to protect him.

How I loved this book.  I think forbidden romances are probably one of my favorite types of romances.  Gillian and Colin have to go through so much to get their happily ever after.  They could lose one another completely and their lives if they are caught.  Gillian could lose her son Edmund if she’s not careful..

Would I recommend this book?  Most definitely.  I adored this story, the writing style and of course the highlanders.  What more could I ask for?  Will I read more by this author?  Oh yes, I’ve already added several books to my wishlist and bookcase by Paula!

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  1. Oh you are so right. Highlanders are incredibly sexy. Love reading about them. Have been thinking about picking up a Paula Quinn for a while now. Will definitely add this series to the TBR pile :)

    Anna@herding cats & burning soup

    Love your blog banner by the way. Very cute!


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