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Review: Something New by Dianne Christner

Title:  Something New
Author:  Dianne Christner
Genre:  Inspirational Romance, Christian
Pages:  320
Published:  February 2012
Publisher:  Barbour Publishing
Source:  NetGalley
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Return to Plain City, Ohio, where lifelong goals open paths to something new.

Lil Landis aspires to become a head chef…a far cry from her Conservative Mennonite upbringing. But as she chases after her dream, problems seem to hinder her every move—from her mother’s depression to her family’s failing farm. Veterinary student Fletch Stauffer comes to the Landis farm with some goals of his own. But as Fletch is drawn deeper into deceptive ambitions, he finds himself falling for spunky Lil and at odds with his dream.

Will determination cloud their thoughts until their goals—and love—disappear?

Spice Level:  Sweet and innocent – perfect for this inspirational romance.
Violence Level:  Almost non existent, there are some words exchanged and a threat of violence.

We once again return to Plain City, the “doddy” house and best friends Katy, Lil and Meghan.  Now that Katy and Jake are married, they have are living in the “doddy” house that originally she and Lil were living in;  Lil’s moved home to help her family and lend a hand while her mother is ill. 

Working, helping at home and keeping the peace is taking it’s toll on Lil.  She desperately wants to become a head chef and live her own life, but things don’t seem to be going in her favor.  As her mother’s depression deepens, she has to take on more responsibility and soon loses the job she loved.  On top of that, there are financial issues, sick animals and a very stressed out family. 

To make matters work, Lil backs into a VERY expensive car - driven by vet assistant Fletcher.  I love the saying – things always happen for a reason.  And this couldn’t be more true for this story.  Fletcher takes on a huge role in this story, although he’s not one of my favourite characters.. he does redeem himself and is forgiven.

Fletcher is indebted to the man who paid his way through school, and helped his family, who are missionaries.  When Marshall asks him to do something that threatens his own ethics and could potentially harm a great deal of people, he has to decide which is more important – Marshall or everyone else.  I felt for Fletcher, he had some tough choices, and had to do a lot of grovelling and prove his worth for forgiveness..

Will I recommend this book?  If you love inspirational romances, and the works of Dianne – you will definitely enjoy this story.  It’s sweet, engaging and tugs are your heart strings.  I hoped that Fletcher would see the light and that Lil and him would work things out.  Will I read more by this author?  Yes!  I have Something Blue (the third book in the Plains City series) waiting on my TBR pile!

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