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A Day in the Life of.. Ash from Smash Attack Reads


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imageAsh is a 30-something avid reader and book blogger who lives with her husband and their three children cats. Ash relocated to Atlanta with her menagerie in June so that her husband can complete his Psychiatry residency at Emory University. Ashley, a social worker new to the field, so she is full of passion and energy and not yet jaded and fed-up with it all, is currently looking for a position helping children or homeless youth or domestic violence victims…or someone! Aside from reading, Ash loves owls (duh), scrapbooking, social media, board games, dancing and organizing stuff.

Since I currently don’t have a job, my life is a little bit of everything. My days kinda touch all these areas:

Coffee: Café con leche is morning ritual. I use 1% milk and Splenda, which is not as tasty as the good ole fattening sweet kind I used to get in Miami, but I need to cut calories. I use a cafetera that I bought when I lived in Miami


and a really handy milk steamer/frother that I found at Tuesday Morning. Both were considerably less than a snazzy cappuccino machine, and work beautifully. Sometimes I make regular ole coffee with my French press, which is one of the best ways to make coffee, in my opinion. Either way is fine, but coffee must be had.

Job Search: I job search for a good part of the morning. The job market in Georgia is one of the worst in the country. And another issue I’m encountering is the need for certification or licensure. I get that it’s important, but literally every freakin human services job needs something other than the Master’s degree I worked my ass off to get, not to mention will pay for forever on a social worker’s salary…

Study: This leads to the other thing I do, which is study for my licensure exam. Boo. Hiss. Spat. There are 2 levels of licensure in Georgia. The LMSW and the LCSW. The LCSW is the clinical that I want and need to have better pay. It’s the equivalent of a doctor in the social work arena, methinks. LCSWs are able to prescribe meds, should they be in a job that calls for it. I have to take the exam for the LMSW first, then do clinical hours and supervision and another test for the LCSW.*sigh* Long term, I think I want to become a specialist in Play Therapy, and help kids who have experienced trauma and abuse.

I love to study at this Starbucks. It’s huge and full of atmosphere…


Scrapbooking: I’ve been scrapbooking for a long time and recently got back into it. I was dedicating 100% of my free time to the blog, and decided to back off a bit and enjoy my other beloved hobby. I am met Mandee from Books & Bling in Atlanta and she got me interested in Project Life, which is a new way to document your everyday life in a scrabooky-way. Instagram has made this initiative hella easy and I’m pretty addicted. So if any of you are annoyed by constant Insta-gramming, blame Mandee! J

Here are some of my recent creations…

image image image

Cats: Hubs and I have been trying for 1.5 years to get pregnant. Now that we have health insurance, we are going to pursue professional help. Honestly, I have no clue what we’re doing wrong. I mean, I read enough romance to get the gist of it all...Heh. I know that is way too much TMI for all of you, but I can’t take it back now! Anywho, I have my furbabies to keep me fulfilled and motherly. And they all have distinct personalities, wake me up at 5 AM with their antics and have no qualms about letting me know when they are hungry or need affection, so I think I’m pretty prepared for motherhood! ;)

This is Pokey. He’s my favorite. I adore him something fierce. I think he was a Don Juan in a former life. The cat lives for attention, gives you kisses, caresses your face and lets you hold him like a baby. His middle name is Attention Whore.


This is Lucky. Not the smartest guy on the block, but definitely the sweetest. He likes to wake me up at 5 AM for breakfast. He sounds like a dying cow when he meows too, so it really adds to the moment…

And this is Kyo. He was T’s before we met. I call him my red-headed step-child. He hated me for a long time and is still reserved around me. I think he would be 100% ok if I took a long walk off a short cliff.

: Did you notice how I put the cats before Hubs? It’s a sad thing, but I’m honest. Always. J
T is working his ass off in his residency so anytime we get together is wonderful and appreciated. I’m ridiculously excited to explore Atlanta with him. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in May!

image I promise, I am not nekkid!

Book club: Ok, this is only monthly but I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found a book club in Atlanta. The Not So YA Book Club is full of rockstars. I adore them all and look forward to forming friendships.

Welp, that is my boring life in a nutshell! Thanks for sticking around until the end. You deserve a cupcake.

image image


  1. Good luck with all your tests and such. And the move must have been crazy, but that's the things we do for love and money. LOL

    I love your cats! I have two and would love a third if we had the space to fit another one in this tiny apartment we call home.

    Hope you find a great job soon and settle into a wonderful new life in your new hometown! :)

    1. Thank you!! I am quite happy to be in Atlanta. I was very ready to leave Florida. The only thing that stinks is the people you leave behind. :(

      We live in a condo with 3. It's not bad but the litter box placement is always an issue. I cannot wait to have a HOME and dedicated spot for thir crap. :)

  2. Not boring at all!

    Good luck with your studying and job search. It's tough starting over again but I know great things are in store for you and the hubs in Atlanta :-)

    Your cats are so adorable. I want to hug them all.

    1. They would hug you, too. After about 5 hours of assessing your safety and such. LOL. Lucky is the friendliest and would rub up against a grisly bear, methinks. Like I said, not the brightest crayon...

      Thanks, Karen! ♥

  3. Your not boring at all!

    Study: I get it! We are about to have a new version of the product I support come out. Studying for those certifications are a b*tch. Yet, should I ever hit the job market again I need them. Yes my 15 years experience is nice but god forbid I don't memorize a big book full of stuff I won't use daily *sigh*. I am sure your tests are better (or at least I hope that they are useful)!

    Hobbies: I was excited to see you scrapbooking again. I recently took a step back to focus on my crochet a bit more. I really missed it and it is just a different kind of stress geterouter outlet! Also you found someone to do it with and that is awesome!


    1. Yes, our crafts are a different kind of stress reliever. AND I can listen to audio books while we do them? I mean, WIN/WIN!

      Yea, this exam is stressing me out. I have to know everything under the sun re: the field. *sigh* Good luck with your unfun reading. :/

  4. Not boring at all! Your day sounds a lot like my day, though I'm not really studying for anything. I've already been there and done that. Now it's just job searching ... and waiting.

    As for your 3 cats - LOVE! I'm really not a cat person, though, but they are adorable!

    I used to scrapbook, but just lost interest. It got to be a bit much and I usually forget to bring my camera to anything and everything, so we always seem to be lacking in pictures.

    Good luck with your exams!!

    1. The camera on my phone and Instagram have truly SAVED scrapbooking for me. Printing them through Persnickety Prints is the icing on top. I am honestly so thankful for technology sometimes!

      I miss having a dog! I WILL own a Shiba Inu one day, whether hubs likes it or not. I had a chow chow for many years and I miss him dearly. I like the Asian breeds a lot. :) BUT, I'm thankful for my cats. I adore them hardscore.

      Thank for the good luck wishes. I feel like I'm redoing my Masters by studying for it. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes!

  5. Hey, I recognize those pretty kitties from Instagram! :) Lol. They are so sweet. Good luck with the exam and the pregnancy!


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