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A Day in the Life of… Shannon from Cocktails and Books


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clip_image002[4]I started Cocktails and Books in May 2011 as a way to share my views on books with the members of my old Book Club (we were called the Friday Night Cocktail Society, so you can probably figure out where the blog name came from). Of course, that snowballed into my blog.

I generally read about a book a day. This is in conjunction with working full time  (I’m a Sr. Learning Consultant) and raising 2 boys (a pre-teen and a teenager) with my husband. I’ve learned the hours between 8pm and 1am are an excellent time to read a book

In my spare time, I also review books for Night Owl Reviews and Romancing the Book.

My Favorite Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood
My Book Boyfriends: Zsadist, Darling Cruel, Christian Grey
My Book Husband: Bones and Senator Nick Cappuano

clip_image002A Day in a Life Post - Cocktails and Books Edition August 2012

I often get asked when I find the time to read the multitude of books I read. I always say I read when everyone else in the house is sleeping. Don’t believe me? Here’s a typical day’s schedule.

5:45 am -- I’m rudely awakened from my slumber by my alarm and my husband having CNBC at a volume that would wake the dead.

5:46 am -- I grab my iPhone to check emails. And by checking I mean deleting all the junk mail for performance enhancements and those claiming I have millions waiting in a foreign bank account that has come in while I sleep.

5:47 am -- I pick up my latest reading material. This might mean grabbing my iPad, my Kindle Fire or *gasp* an actual book. As I start to scan the pages to remember where I left off, my husband makes his daily claim about wishing he was that book.

6:00 am -- This is the time our two dogs decide they need their wake up loving. Of course, this means I have to put my book down or else it will be knocked out of my hand by one of them. Bad doggies!

6:10 - 7:00 am -- This is one of hours I dread each day, as it’s the hour that I have to drag two boys out of their beds and demand they start getting dressed for school while I try to get myself ready for work.

7:00 am -- I’m lucky enough where I get to work from home most days, so at 7:30 each morning, I make the long commute from my upstairs bedroom to my office on the first floor. Let the work day begin.

7:00 am - 4:00 pm -- Aahhh...the work day. I get no book reading done here. :-(. However, this is generally the time when I’m multi-tasking and squeezing in blog activities.

4:00 pm -- Now begin another hour I dread during the day. The hour where I must ride my children to do their homework while getting dinner ready. Not a lot of book reading here either.

6:00 pm -- Youngest has some hockey activity that requires shuttling to the ice rink.

6:30 pm -- At the rink, I pull out my book and try to read. Unfortunately, this is also the time my husband decides we need to debrief our day. So each time I think we’re done and I pick up my book again, he has another item he wants to talk about.

9:00 pm - 1:00 am -- This is generally the time when I get dedicated reading time. Everyone’s quiet and I can finally immerse myself in whatever book boyfriend is currently occupying my time.

A big thank you to Aislynn & Stitch Read Cook for having me on the blog today.


  1. Sounds like a hectic day. But seems like you get a lot of reading time in at night. :) Great post!

  2. That's a pretty crazy schedule but at least you manage to squeeze in lots of reading time. I wish I could read a book a day!

  3. Sorry I'm late the the game, but I appreciate Aislynn allowing me to share my day with everyone.


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