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Book Tour: Viewer Discretion Advised by Cindy Roesel

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Author Bio:

CINDY ROESEL is an Emmy Award winning television broadcast journalist. After working for twenty years in newsrooms filled with ambitious backbiting adrenalin junkies, she's turning her experiences into novels.  Cindy lives in Miami with her shih-tzu, Sassy.

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LIVE FROM MIAMI! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED features Charlene "Charley" Thomas - a smart, sassy, highly competitive thirty something television news executive producer.

Charley's got maxed out credit cards and an office fridge stocked with vodka. Her boss, Jonathan Lefton, a.k.a "The Velvet Ax" is all about ratings, slash-and-burn newscasts - no matter who who gets hurt in the process.

Charley is hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to impress Lefton. But will pleasing Lefton mean losing the man she loves? Filled with suspense, romance, and newsroom backbiting, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED features a cast of ambitious adrenaline junkies.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED is "Sex and the City" meets "Broadcast News." It's this summer's hot new beach read!


Summer Reads by Cindy Roesel

I want to thank Aislynn and all of your wonderful followers at Stitch, Read, Cook for hosting me and VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.  I absolutely love the artwork at your facebook and website!  I started collecting folk art while I was in college and moved on to Outsider art and I just connected with your sites so intimately.  They are very cozy.

When I was told you wanted me to write about summer beach reads I was so excited, because of course, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED is a really cool summer read.  It’s “Sex and the City” meets “Broadcast News” – something I kind of know about having worked in TV news for nearly twenty years and winning an Emmy! I describe VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED to people as a yummy mocha light frappuccino.  It’s just perfect to grab along with your sunscreen, towel or beach chair and head out to the shore or pool and read for hours.  You can’t go wrong. 

Now get your pens and pencils ready because I have a list of other fabulous summer reads that you’re going to want to devour.  FYI: I approach summer reading as something fun.  I guess it has to do with getting out of school for vacation and summer a kid.  So kick back and relax, there’s a reason they call them beach reads.

blameitonthefameWe’ve got a power-trippin’ bitch, a has been, a skanky ex-model, a press-shy indie queen and a British stage actress nobody knows - all eyeing Hollywood’s Golden Boy in this year’s too close to call Academy Awards! Anything can happen on Tinsel Town’s big night and does in Author, Tracie Banister’s novel, BLAME IT ON THE FAME.  Tracie will remind you of a young Jackie Collins meets Candace Bushnell. dancingnakedindixie

Travel writer, Julia Sullivan lives life in the fast lane.  She jets off to Europe and the Caribbean on a moment’s notice!  Forget about sleep, that’s for others.  But lately she’s been sloppy and now she’s on the verge of losing her cushy job.  She’s given one last chance and sent on assignment to the ‘Heart of Dixie’ – Eufaula, Alabama.  Where? Exactly! Author, Lauren Clark plunks a tried and true New Yorker down deep in the Deep South in DANCING NAKED IN DIXIE.  Let the fun begin.

haolewoodAloha!  Author, Dee DeTarsio’s novel, HAOLE WOOD is set on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  Jaswinder is a weathercaster in San Diego who leaves the mainland behind to help her grandmother.  Granny is the Island herb-expert, among other things.  There’s a murder on the Island and through some strange twists Granny becomes the number one person of interest!  Hold on.  Where’s the Aloha spirit?  This is a romantic comedy. Boys and girls kiss.  The bad person goes to jail.  The Hawaiian title ends up making sense.  We’re in Maui, Hawaii.  Everyone gets their happily-ever-after and a nice suntan, too!   No, I haven’t given it all away.  You’ll have to read HAOLE WOOD to enjoy the rest.  Mahalo! luckydog

Just like the doggies in the window of the cover of the LUCKY DOG MATCKMAKING SERVICE, you won’t be able to resist Author, Beth Kendrick’s novel of the same name.  Lara Madigan rescues dogs finding them loving homes.  I just celebrated one year with my rescue, Sassy after losing my Shih Tzu, Princess.  We’d had her nearly thirteen years.  To say it was traumatic is an understatement.  I believe Sassy rescued us is the appropriate way to describe our relationship.  Anyway, back to the LUCKY DOG MATCHMAKING SERVICE, Lara continues to pair others off with perfect matches until … well you know where this is going.

thedayThe cover will catch your eye, but the stories will have you hooked until the last page.  THE DAY I WORE MY PANTIES INSIDE OUT is Author, Jen Tucker’s memoir that may just have you peeing your panties.  You may have read or heard of this book because it made it to the second round of funniest books on Goodreads.  If you haven’t read it, now is the time!  Ever had one of those days you just couldn’t catch a break?  Jen shares all her mommy dearest moments. They are not all pretty, but they are funny.  KatFlight

Everyone who loved ONE PINK LINE will be thrilled to know Author Dina Silver is back with another novel which is getting equally great reviews.  KAT FIGHT is inspired by how she and her husband got married and its drawing comparisons to Helen Fielding and Sophie Kinsella.  It seems all Kat Porter wants to do is get married … maybe a little too much!  But that’s the stuff that makes for good, fun, upbeat, humorous chick-lit, especially in Dina Silver’s hands.  And before I forget, you’re going to love her gay friend, Adam.  Everyone is going to wish they had a BFF like Adam.

So, here are a few of my summer beach read suggestions for all of you, my new BFFs at Stitch, Read Cook.  I hope you get a chance to check them out, as well as my novel, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.  I’m very grateful for you allowing me to stop by.  Aislynn, I know you get to pick and choose who you allow on your website and blog and I’m very thankful you chose to highlight me and VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.   Feel free to contact me anytime on facebook or my website,  Enjoy the rest of the summer.


Thank you so much Cindy for stopping by and sharing your summer reads with my lovely readers!  I’m so thrilled to take part in your book tour – it was an awesome read!

Here is a excerpt from VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED:

“Why the hell do we have to go out there? In case you’ve forgotten, we’re the weekend anchors,” Frank said.

“This is our shift and we anchor,” Amy said. “We don’t report on weekends. It’s in our contracts.”

            Amy and Frank were screaming at John.

            “This is your assignment. It’s a management decision.” John met eyes with Charley. “Our news director is here. Take it up with her.”

            Charley looked at the monitor and saw Julie was still on the air. She was throwing to a reporter on the scene. It looked like chaos.

            “What’s the problem?” Charley asked, knowing full well.

            “We’re the weekend anchors, Charley,” Frank whined.  “This is our time. We should be on the air.”

            Charley made a gesture for Amy and Frank to follow her into the conference room. She shut the door, and signaled for them to sit down.

            “This has to be quick, because we have a plane crash.”

            “I know, but…” Frank blurted. Charley cut him off.

            “Here’s the thing. This is my first week, we haven’t had a chance to catch up and discuss my expectations with you.  But one, I’m not big on making scenes, unless I’m forced into one. What I need right now is for both of you to get your stuff together, get into a car and head out to the crash site. I’m not going to ask again. It’s that simple.” Charley opened the door.

            “Charley, don’t you even want to hear our side?” Amy asked.

            “There are no sides. I’m the boss. You are anchors. Go to the scene,” Charley started walking out of the office. “This is the last time I’m telling you what your assignment is.”

“What a bitch,” Amy said loud enough for Charley to hear.

            “Get a grip, Amy,” Frank said. “We’re on our way, Charley,” he yelled for Charley’s benefit.

            Charley decided to let the “bitch” comment slide for the time being. She’d take care of Princess Amy later.  There were real issues to deal with right now.

            “Charley, Nancy’s here. She’s putting on her makeup,” John called from the assignment desk. “Julie’s been doing really well.”

            “Good to know,” Charley said, making a mental note to switch Julie to weekend evenings and Amy to the early weekend shift. That’ll fix Princess Amy.

Charley logged on to the computer and saw there were five crews working the story. Two reporters were on the scene, another two at the airport and a single crew at the hospital. “Once, Amy and Frank get to the scene, break one of the crews and send them to the hospital. Where’s Miranda?” She looked across the newsroom and saw that a lot of the staff had come in on their day off.

            “I haven’t been able to reach her or Peter. I have someone working on it.” One of Desk-ettes raised her hand.

            “Excellent,” She noticed three interns, in addition to one new girl doing who knew what. John called them his desk-ettes, and they’d do anything for him. She didn’t know why, but Charley had decided that piece of information could remain a mystery. One thing was obvious. He treated them like human beings and they appreciated it.

            “Who has the latest info?” Nancy marched into the newsroom made up and ready to start anchoring. She was wearing heels that made her around 5’9”, Charley guessed she was a size six or eight and she was fierce. Her suit looked as if it had been made especially for her. Nancy Dennison was a real star. Charley knew she’d eventually witness the other side - there was always the other side to any talent’s personality. A producer handed Nancy a stack of paper, and Charley walked with her out to the set. 

            “You’ve got two crews on the scene, two at the airport and one at the hospital. Amy and Frank are on their way to the scene.”

            “Okay,” she scanned the information on the pages she was carrying.

            “Bottom line: Suncoast Air on its way to Dallas, 147 on board, ends up in the ‘glades,” Charley said. “Again, we’re live at the scene, airport, hospital and we’ve sent a photographer out to find witnesses.”

            “You’re rocking, Lady. You’ve pulled all this off on a Saturday morning? Wow!”

            “We’ve all pulled this off, and we’re kicking the competitions asses.”

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  1. Thanks so much for being in the tour!

    1. It was a ton of fun! Can't wait to sign up for the next tour :)

  2. It was great to spend some time with you, Aislynn and your followers. Cindy

    1. Cindy - it was great having you! Looking forward to having you back again soon!


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