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Review: Medical Crisis & Serial Killers both by Dr. Martin

Title:  Medical Crisis – Secrets your doctor won’t share with you
Author:  Dr. Anthony Martin
Genre:  Health & Wellness
Pages:  190
Published:  2006
Publisher:  Dr. Anthony Martin
Source:  Borrowed
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Synopsis: (via Amazon)

Of all the people we trust in life, our doctor is probably the one that we put most of our faith in. We expect him to advise us, call the shots, and keep us out of harm’s way. But what if they aren’t telling us everything we ought to know, wouldn’t that be putting us at risk?

Obviously it would be inappropriate to suggest that our primary care physician is trying to harm us, but should we be taking a more pro-active role in our own health and well-being, as opposed to waiting for the doctor to give us instructions? This is what Dr. Anthony Martin is calling into question in his new book Medical Crisis: Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Share With You.

Perhaps one of the starkest examples Dr. Martin highlights is that of our Doctors urging us to check for lumps in order to catch cancer before it is too late. People are given the idea that cancer development happens overnight. He says, Our doctors urge us to check our bodies by way of early detection. Look at the tip of a ballpoint pen; do you know how long it takes cancer to grow to that size? Five years!! Obviously waiting until you feel a lump is not early detection! So it would appear that we need an earlier warning system than those our doctors are suggesting we use, but what are they and why aren’t our doctors telling us?

Dr. Martin says that our bodies do in fact give us four very clear indications that things are amiss- not unlike when a car tells you it is low on fuel by a winking light on the dashboard It’s exactly the same, he grins, of course we all recognize when our bodies need fuel because our stomach rumbles, but most people have not been told how to read the other signs that our body gives us; the ones that will affect our health well into the future. There are only four so it s very easy. By seeing the signs, and acting on them we could practice preventative health. If our doctors aren’t going to look for us, we better start looking ourselves.

Now I know what you’re thinking – what the heck is she doing and why is she reading that!  A friend of my hubby’s went to one of Dr. Martin’s seminars and picked up both of his books.  Which intrigued my lovely other half, so he borrowed the books.  Needless to say he said I had to read them.  Let me tell you they have changed the way I look at food and the products I bring into my house.

As I started this book – I have to admit I was a bit skeptical! We’ve all hear the naysayers over the years about what’s good for us and what’s not.  What we should be eating and what products we should be using – yada yada yada.

Part 1 of the book is a “Did You Know” section.  I started skimming through the list and one popped out at me:

13.  Did you know that there have been 85,000 NEW chemicals developed since World War 2?  Many of them are found in your home! (page 22)

It was one of those “hold the phone, say what?” moments.  That can’t be right!  I read it again and continued down the list – a bit more carefully this time.

25.  Did you know that we consume between 120-150 pounds of sugar a year? (page 23)

There are a total of 60 items on this list and I was floored at the things I didn’t know about my body, my environment and the things I put in my body.

The more I read of this book the more I started thinking about all the stuff I have in my house.  It made me get up and go read some of the labels on cleaners, soaps, shampoos and even my deodorant.  I was stunned at the amount of chemicals and things with names I couldn’t pronounce.  Go, right now – I can wait.  Check a few things… see what you find!

I was right wasn’t I…. a lot of gibberish on the labels – filled with chemicals! 

After reading this book I’ve been a lot more careful about what I use around the house.  We’ve switched to a steam mop that uses no chemicals for cleaning the floors, glass, and even the shower.  We found a “natural” cleaner at a local hardware store that has very little in it.  I also found a great book called “Homemade” that has great vinegar based and lemon based cleaners you can make yourself!

Once you’ve finished this book, I highly recommend his book “Serial Killers”

Title:  Serial Killers – Two Hormones that want YOU Dead!
Author:  Dr. Martin
Genre:  Health & Wellness
Pages:  200
Published:  November 2011
Source:  Borrowed
Buy Links:  Author, Amazon


Over the last several years we at the Martin Clinic have noticed a troubling trend not only in our clinic, but the overall population. People in general are exhausted. They are running on fumes and have trouble losing weight. These two conditions are in epic proportions today.  Our Bio-Marker Testing,  performed on  countless patients, exposes the reason for this exhaustion and weight gain. They are caused by the over-secretion of two hormones, cortisol and insulin, and if left uncorrected can lead not only to disease, but possible death. 

These two hormones are the focus of my book, Serial Killers - Two Hormones That Want You Dead.  In the book I explain how these two hormones work and why they can easily go from helping the body to hurting the body.  As scary as this all sounds,  it is not all grim. There are things that you can do to keep these two hormones in check.  Included in my book is a detailed diet plan that will help you manage both your insulin and cortisol levels. I guarantee if you follow my plan you will feel better, have more energy and lose weight.

After reading Dr. Martin’s first book I dove right into this one.  I read it in an evening.  One of the things I enjoyed about this book (much like the first) is that he explains everything in simple terms.  No medical gobbledygook – plain simple easy to read.  And he does it with humour.  There were a few times I started to giggle at the analogy he used to describe something.  Which I really really enjoyed.  It turned this book that could have been a heavy medically termed book into something anyone can pick up.

This book is a lot more food based compared to the first book.  Which for me was great.  I’m one of those people who can’t stick with a diet.  I just love food way too much – especially pasta!  After reading through what certain foods do and how they affect you – my way of thinking made a quick change.  I had no idea that what I was eating could hurt me! 

One of the reasons I loved this book so much was all the great recipes at the back.  These go along with the Serial Killer Diet (which rocks by the way).  My favourite is the “Zucchini Soup” – especially since my garden has produced some of the largest I’ve ever seen!

I’m thrilled with how I’ve been feeling since I started changing how I eat!  I know I’m leaving out so much about this book – there is just so much helpful information.  It’s something everyone should read!

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  1. Great post today! :) glad you are feeling great about the changes you've made :)


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