Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Books: Stack ‘Em, Store ‘Em, Hide ‘Em

They are packed in boxes, stacked in corners, tucked in nooks and cranny’s around the house.  Trying to find spots for those ever growing piles of books to read is getting almost impossible!

The book case is full, some rows are doubled!  This shelf is full of keepers!


The cabinet is filled with ARC’s and books for review… and some for giveaways!


The nightstand is filled with my ‘reward books’.  I get to read one of these books for every five review books I finish (and review!)


The top of the night stand is piled with books and my sewing table as well!

Thankfully my handy hubby doesn’t mind the piles and teases me about my ‘smutty books’ and the ever growing library we have.  With our apartment being so small (only 500 square feet – with 3 large dogs! EEK!) I have to get creative where I hide my books!  Hopefully once we get more space I’ll have more space to tuck my books away!

How do you store, stack or hide your books?

One lucky commenter is going to win their choice of book from the book depository (max $10) – make sure to leave your email address!! (example:  aislynnt(at)gmail(dot)com)

Open internationally – to where ever the book depository ships!

Ends Sept 25th 2012 (midnight EST)

PS.  Bonus entry if you link an Intagram photo or a Twitpic showing your books!!


  1. I have about 5 shelves full of books now. I do have some in boxes and hidden, but since I got a new shelf most are displayed. I just also went through and found some duplicates that I boxed and gave away. I took some to my work and then sent some with husband to his work. I used to hide when I would raid the used bookstore. I would put in dresser drawer and then pull out a few at a time. I tweeted some of my bookshelf pictures to you. That is 3 that I found. Need to take some more updated ones. Thanks for the great post.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  2. I have a pretty good sized house just for me (and my books). I have an office with five large book shelves and two small ones, two medium sized ones in my bedroom, one in the guest bedroom and one in the living room. I always stack the shelves two to three rows deep, but I have a bit of space left on most of them so I'm not going to stop bring home the books just yet. :D

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  3. I love these pictures! My family members are all book lovers so there are books everywhere. Mostly I keep my books in my room. There's a bookshelf that is double-stacked, a stand that also hold books and some boxes. Earlier this Sumer I did a big clean-up and donated some books so that gave me some space. Every once in a while I like to re-arrange the books and move them around so I don't forget about the ones packed away. Storage boxes are great because I can move the books around in one go and not have them get dusty and have them last longer. Also in the living room there are three book shelves filled with the family's reads and non-fictions. Happy reading!


  4. Mental thoughts: Hmm, if she moves those books over there, and stacked those like this...she could easily fit more books in there and it would only take 5 hours!
    I love looking at other people's bookshelves :)

    I keep most of my books in big tupperware containers and I keep my unread books in a small bookshelf. I'm pretty good about only keeping the ones I really loved and trading in the others to a used bookstore.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    pinkbonanza{ AT }gmail{ DOT }com

  5. I like your idea of reward books. I kind of do the same thing with my free ebooks. I just have way to many of them and I try to read a few before I get to read a "real" book.

  6. Besides bookcases, I use the cardboard flats from the clear plastic containers of berries etc from the grocery stores - they stack really well & slide under the beds & couches.

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  7. I love that you have so many books! I have a full bookcase too and they're doubled like yours! I also have a mini bookcase for all my ARCs and to-review.

    Love the photos!

  8. Oh Ais - if only these bloggers could see this in real life like I have. You are very creative with storing your books. You have more than I do and I don't know how you do it.

    Right now I have my bookcase filled, my nightstand filled, a basket under my coffee table filled and my new leather bench is filled! I really need to tackle my TBR pile. LOL I am thinking this winter I m going to read A LOT and review on those that actually are review books. The others I can review later if I so choose to.

    Don't enter me in the giveaway... I just wanted to comment on your fun post and I'm off to share it with others! :)

  9. Ah, I'm jealous. LOL. Compared to the way I have to store my books---yours are so neat and orderly! ;) Bookshelves are everywhere there's space in my room, all filled to the brim and beyond...books in my closet...books on the floor in corners...books in bags at my grandmother's house (she reads romance and fantasy, too, so I'm always borrowing books to her--but because of my lack of space, I tell her to keep them there until I have more room. LOL.)...It's a nightmare! My dream is to have a whole room (or two..or three...) devoted to my books, with plenty of room to shelf them neatly, and room to grow. :D


  10. So FRIGGIN jealous!LOVE your shelf! *swoon*
    I don't have many print books,I do have many ebooks though. :(
    I have arranged the few books that I have near my bed(where I usually read).

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  11. WOW! You have the most amazing book collection! I'm so jealous right now! :) I store my books on bookshelfs too, but it's nothing that huge as yours! Sometimes I just pile my books beside my bed.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Love your collection! I store my books somewhat similarly. I have four tall bookcases with five shelves each. The first case holds all the paperback adult books that I have either won or received for review which haven't been read yet. The second case holds all my YA hardcover books as well as one shelf of adult hardcover books. The third case is all adult hardcovers, and the fourth is all adult paperbacks. I then have a shorter, thinner bookcase with four shelves that holds all of my YA paperbacks, as well as a three-shelf bookcase that holds all of my mass market paperbacks. All of my bookcases are double stacked, and some even have more than that and are just about to collapse under the weight lol. I even had to give my books their own room. But I wouldn't have it any other way because I can't get enough to read! Thank you for the opportunity to win another amazing book to add to my collection :)



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