Monday, October 1, 2012

Coming Soon: Fallen Women Week – October 7 to 13th


Starting Sunday October 7th myself, Kati and Jamie (from Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance) will be hosting an event – Fallen Women Week.

This event showcases some of the amazing authors and books that feature “fallen women” as the heroine.  We will have guest posts, interviews and lots of giveaways!

Make sure to come back and check out all the awesome stuff we have planned!  Here is a peek at our schedule..

Aislynn’s Blog:

7th  - Maggie Robinson
8th  - Shana Galen
9th  - Lila DiPasqua
10th  - Jo Goodman
11th - Lorraine Heath
12th - Ann Lethbridge
13th - Madeline Hunter

Kati & Jamie’s Blog:

7th - Anna Campbell
8th - Delilah Marvelle
9th - Sophia James
10th - Mary Balogh
11th - Jenna Petersen
12th - Sabrina Darby
13th - Leigh Michaels

Looking for some great reads to check out that feature a ‘fallen woman”? Check out THIS list on GoodReads!!

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