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Review: Secrets of a Wedding Night by Valerie Bowman

Title:  Secrets of a Wedding Night
Author:  Valerie Bowman
Genre:  Historical Romance
Pages:  325
Published:  September 2012
Publisher:  St Martin’s
Source:  via Publisher (NetGalley)
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How to Stop a Wedding

Young, widowed, and penniless, Lily Andrews, the Countess of Merrill, has strong opinions on marriage. When she spots a certain engagement announcement in The Times, she decides to take action. She will not allow another hapless girl to fall prey to a man—particularly the scoundrel who broke her heart five years ago. Anonymously she writes and distributes a pamphlet entitled “Secrets of a Wedding Night,” knowing it will find its way into his intended’s innocent hands…

How to Seduce a Widow

Devon Morgan, the Marquis of Colton, desires a good wife and mother to his son—someone completely unlike Lily Andrews, the heartless beauty who led him on a merry chase five years ago only to reject him. When Devon’s new fiancée cries off after reading a certain scandalous pamphlet, he vows to track down the author and make her pay. But when he learns it’s his former fiancée Lily, he issues a challenge: write a retraction or prepare to be seduced—to find out how wonderful a wedding night can be…

Young Widow Lily has written the most scandalous document available “Secrets of A Wedding Night” to enlighten those innocents before they step into the bonds of matrimony.  She hopes to save young women from the disasters that befell her, and to keep her sister safe from wily seducing scoundrels.

Devon is extremely unhappy to learn that said document is the reason his intended has called off the wedding.  He’s bound and determined to find the author and make them pay – handsomely!  When he learns it’s Lily – a former flame; he storms into her house and demands she retract, recall and make things right!

Lily and Devon have quite the history, some misunderstandings and secrets between them.  Can the walls built up between them come down and the true story reveal it’s self before they butt heads?  Lily is stubborn, and Devon just as equally!

I really enjoyed the interaction, banter and tension between the characters.  As they learn the truth about their past and about each other’s lives since that moment – we get to see a change in both of them for the better.  Can Lily trust him, can Devon trust her?  Will they give into the passion that’s between them?

Would I recommend this book?  Yes, it’s an excellent debut from Valerie!  Of course there are some minute things that I didn’t like, but the good overwhelmed any issues I had.  I loved the strong Lily and the sexy Devon!  Would I read more by this author?  Yes, most definitely!

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  1. First - I love the cover and the title. Great review - this sounds pretty amazing actually... love the idea of the document and then the relationship between Lily and Devon sounds intriguing! Off to add this to my wishlist!


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