Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Taming the Tycoon by Amy Andrews

Title:  Taming the Tycoon
Author:  Amy Andrews
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Pages:  244
Published:  August 2012
Publisher:  Entangled
Source:  via Publisher
Buy Links:  Amazon, Kobo


Real estate tycoon Nathaniel Montgomery is one deal away from making his first billion and fulfilling a promise to his dying father. Nothing will stop him from tearing down the decrepit St. Agnes hospital and erecting posh condos in its place. Not even the crystal-wearing, health food store owner whose publicity stunt lands him in the hospital.

After her brush with death five years ago, child prodigy Addie Collins learned what’s truly important—health, happiness, and the two-hundred-year-old rose garden at St. Agnes. To make amends for the accident, she agrees to pose as Nathaniel’s girlfriend at his eccentric grandmother’s birthday party.

But Addie has an ulterior motive. To repay her debt to the universe, she must show him there's more to life than making money. Nathaniel hates to lose, but as she breaks through his defenses, losing himself in Addie's arms might be exactly what this tycoon needs...

Nothing prepared Nathaniel for that day he was about to have.   Nor had it prepared him for the woman who was going to enter his life and turn it completely upside down.  Addie isn’t like anyone he’s ever met, she’s smart, gorgeous and trying to thwart his efforts to take over some property he’s determined to have.

When an accident sends Nate to the hospital, Addie feels responsible and tries to repay the debt by helping Nate.  What neither of them realizes is how this will change everything.  Nate is intrigued by her beauty and her smarts – a dangerous combination!  Addie wants to show Nate that money and power mean nothing if you don’t have your health.

I really enjoyed the interaction between Nate and Addie.  Each of them has their own point to prove and neither of them is willing to give any quarter when it comes to their goals.  Both are stubborn, witty and the sexual tension is fantastic!  They sizzle right off the page!  Can Addie show Nate another side to life and why the garden is so important?  Can Nate fulfill his goal and the dying wish of his father?  Can either of them admit how they actually feel to one another?

Would I recommend this book?  Yes.  It was a fun, easy, quick read with great characters!  Would I read more by this author?   I would definitely pick up more by Amy, I really enjoyed her writing style and her characters!

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