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A Day in the Life of.. Beth Fantaskey

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Beth Fantaskey

1. My favorite hobby is traveling the world - but my biggest fear is flying.
2. My second-biggest fear is public speaking… but I’m a college professor (who sometimes teaches public speaking!)
3. I have two 8-year-old kids - who AREN’T twins.
4. My weirdest work experience was helping to “tan” deer hides using cow brains. (I was actually writing a magazine story about it.)
5. I’ve only been fired once, from a job as a bookstore clerk.
6. My best educational experience was doing research in India on the Dalit (“untouchable”) struggle for human rights. (See
7. My worst experience, ever, was getting food poisoning while riding my bike from the Missouri River to the Mississippi. (My friend told me the chicken tasted strange…)
8. Whenever I visit a new country, I try as many ketchups as I can. (Best: Poland, Worst: China)
9. I am an uncommonly bad volleyball player…ask the team that ALMOST won a championship.
10. I also suffer from mild “ichthyphobia,” or “fear or fish.” I don’t bother trying to overcome that one!

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A Day in the Life of Beth Fantaskey

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I’m honestly grateful for that – but I wish the rest of my life wasn’t starting so darned early.

It’s midnight – literally the first minute of the new day – and, sick of staring at the clock and tossing and turning, I finally get out of bed, put on my fuzzy green slipper-boots and go downstairs, where I grab my iPod and sit down in my rocking chair to try to relax with some music.

I’m a veteran insomniac, and I’m used to this routine. Sometimes I even like it. I feel like a kid who’s sneaked out of bed and has the run of the dark house. Usually, I make some kind of elaborate snack, like nachos with a side of popcorn.

But this night, my mind is restless with work, so I give up on the iPod, too, and head to the kitchen, where I grab a magnetic notepad off the refrigerator. I’m starting a brand new novel, and I’m trying to answer all of the scary, daunting questions that come up at that part of the writing process.

Did I choose the right name for my main character? What’s her personality like? How do I want her to grow and change throughout the course of the story?

Sitting back down in the recliner, I start to jot down ideas – under my reminder to buy aluminum foil and grapefruit juice. Before long, I’ve filled half the pad, and even have some snippets of dialogue. Feeling a little relieved, I check the clock and discover that it’s just past one a.m.

However, I know that if I go back to bed, I’m still going to fret about a talk I have to give at my daughter’s school. I’m supposed to discuss my writing process, which I’ve done a million times – but for high schoolers, not fourth graders. I’m worried that their attention spans will be infinitesimal, so I turn a new page and start brainstorming stuff that might keep the kids involved, and references to books most of them will be familiar with. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Harry Potter.

By two o’clock, I feel like I’ve got a decent presentation ready. Then, giving my e-mail one last check, I discover a reminder that this blog post is due.

Good grief. Might as well share this day, seeing as how it’s already underway!

I finally finish sketching out the post at about three a.m. and go upstairs to sleep, feeling as if I’ve put in a decent workday before dawn, even. Nevertheless, I’m not too thrilled when the alarm goes off at six, but I have to get my kids off to school, so I shove some cereal at them, push them out the door, then sit down at my computer to transfer my late-night notes to my hard drive.

It’s a little past noon right now, and the bed that I keep in my office for days like this is starting to look pretty good. In fact, I’m headed there right now for a quick nap, so good night, everyone, and thanks for sharing my middle-of-the-night day. Next time I’ll make us all some nachos!

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  1. My worst ketchup: Philippines (it's flavored with bananas..yuck)

  2. I love your list. And trying ketchups from around the world sounds interesting. :) I have become a bit of an insomniac of late (due to medication) and have found myself just surfing the net, reading magazines or honestly counting sheep at times.

    Love the covers on your series!


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