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Review: Melting the Millionaire’s Heart by Linda Morris

Title:  Melting the Millionaire’s Heart
Author:  Linda Morris
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Pages:  94
Published:  December 2012
Publisher:  Entangled
Source:  Publisher
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Special-needs teacher Kayla Johnston writes off any shot at New Year's Eve romance when she's summoned to a fundraising event for her school at the remote estate of a wealthy would-be-donor. But when a massive snowstorm hits and Kayla careens off the road, the sexy stranger who rescues her brings to mind cozy fireplaces and steamy midnight kisses…among other things.

Reclusive entrepreneur Ryan Langford may be missing his own fundraiser, but being marooned in a cabin with Kayla beats ducking a room full of people after his money any day. Too bad she's so irritated with the gazillionaire who ruined her New Year's Eve that he feels like he has to lie about his identity. But when the sparks fly and they fall into each other's arms, Ryan knows he's made a big mistake. Will she be able to trust him once the snow melts and the truth comes out?

Kayla is far from thrilled to have to go to yet another party to fundraise for her school.  She’d much rather leave that to the public relations department and the school administrator, but no, she has be summoned.

While on route – during snowstorm; Kayla ends up in the ditch.  She decides to walk the remaining distance to the estate where the party is being held.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know she’s walking entirely the wrong direction!

Kayla is rescued by a sexy, handsome stranger who offers her not only a ride, but a place to stay until the storm passes!  Lucky for her, he lives nearby.  Ryan is running late for an event he’s hosting when he stumbles on Kayla.  He can’t leave her on the side of the road, so he brings her back to his parents home.

Ryan decides to keep who he really is to himself; using a different name he lets Kayla believe he’s just a regular guy.  But unfortunately for Ryan – it’s about to backfire on him.  Kayla flips out and wants nothing to do with him.

Would I recommend this book?  This was a really cute, quick read.  Kayla and Ryan have to work through his lies, and her mistrust issues.  I liked Kayla, she was funny, smart and kept Ryan on his toes.  Ryan wants to be liked for him, not for his money or what he can do for people.  He really wants Kayla to see him that way.  I enjoyed the story!  Would I read more by the author?  Yes.

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