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A Day in the Life of… Tracy March

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Tracy March

Award-winning author Tracy March writes romantic thrillers influenced by her career in the pharmaceutical field, and her interest in science and politics. She also writes lighthearted romances inspired by her real-life happily ever after.

Always up for travel and adventure, Tracy has flown in a stunt plane, snowmobiled on the Continental Divide, ziplined in the Swiss Alps, and been chased by a bull in the mountains of St. Lucia. She loves Nationals baseball, Saturday date nights, and Dairy Queen Blizzards—and rarely goes a day without Diet Coke and Cheez-Its.

Tracy lives in Yorktown, Virginia, with her superhero husband who works for NASA. They recently spent two years living in Washington D.C., and enjoy visiting often—especially when the Nats are in town.

Like most everyone, a lot of days in my life are kind of routine—writing, editing, working out, cooking (if I absolutely have to!), and all that online stuff like Twitter and Facebook that I might just be addicted to. Then there are the special days that I get to do something really awesome and memorable, so I figured you might rather hear about one of those! ;)

I’m a shameless Washington Nationals fan. When I got the contract for my recent release, The Practice Proposal, a sweet and sassy romance about a sexy pro baseball player, I figured I needed to do some research to make sure I had the facts straight in my fiction story. I’d been fortunate enough to attend games at Nationals Park, but what about the places I hadn’t seen that my character, no doubt, would have? So I managed to get myself hooked up with a behind-the-scenes tour of Nationals Park, a beautiful stadium complex completed in 2008. It boasts panoramic views of D.C.’s Anacostia riverfront, the Navy Yard, the surrounding city, and iconic landmarks like the Capitol and the Washington Monument. All of that is impressive, but I wanted to see what was on the inside!

First we headed up into the media center and got a glimpse of the bird’s-eye view that the radio and TV commentators have as they call the games. Sweet seats up there, for sure!

Nats Park View from Press Box1

While I may never get tickets to watch a game from all of the swanky club areas and suites at the park, I can now say that at least I’ve been in them—box suites, the Diamond Club, and the Lexus President’s Club where fans can watch players warm up in the batting cages below, and catch a post-game press conference. Ah, maybe someday! A girl can dream…

Nats Batting CageNats Park Media Room

After seeing the high-dollar seats, it was on to the visitors’ clubhouse (since it was in season, they didn’t allow access to the Nationals clubhouse…boo!). Even so, I got the chance to walk up through the tunnel and into the dugout, just like the players do. All I needed was a uniform and I would’ve been totally ready to play ball! ;) I was also allowed to have a look at the Nats dugout, and I imagined the excitement and emotions of my favorite players (and my character) as they gathered there during a game. The trip from the visitors’ dugout to the Nats’ dugout took me straight behind home plate—right through the on-deck circle. That view of the field was so amazing—as if I was seeing it from a player’s perspective. The thought of walking up to that plate to face a pitcher in front of a crowd of 40,000 seemed more than a little daunting!

Nats Park Nationals DugoutNats Park View from Behind Home Plate

After leaving the Nats’ dugout, it was off to the bullpen where superstar pitchers warmed up and watched the games from right field. My guide invited me to try to throw a pitch sixty feet, six inches—the distance from the pitcher’s mound to home plate. As I picked one of the balls from a bucket, I wondered what great athlete had practiced with that very ball. After tossing a pitch (if you could call it that!), I gained even more appreciation for pitchers’ strength and talent. Needless to say, I won’t be getting drafted anytime soon!

Last, but not least—certainly for those who enjoy tipping back a couple of cold ones at the ballpark—my guide took me to the lower level of the stadium and showed me what looked like a giant air conditioning unit. “What’s that?” I asked. “That’s the heart of the stadium—one of several, actually,” she said. After a curious look from me, she continued, “It’s a cooler that pumps beer to the taps throughout the park.” Adjacent to the fenced-in cooler was a large pallet stacked with kegs. I wondered just how many a crowd of 40,000 drank during a game. I guess it depended on who was winning!

Bucket of Balls in the BullpenBeer Cooler at Nats Park

So that was an exciting day in my life spent behind-the-scenes at Nationals Park. I’d definitely call it a good day!

Nats Park at Twilight


Liza Sutherland isn't looking for love. Not from a charity-auction date she didn't even bid on and especially not with Nationals first baseman Cole Collins, the guy she obsessed over as an awkward teenager. She won't get involved with a notorious player, no matter how attractive Cole is.

Cole Collins is up for contract renegotiation, but after too many late-night parties, he'll need some positive publicity before he can make the roster. His agent, Frank, pitches Liza as the perfect prop...only Cole didn't account for Liza no longer being just a teenager with a crush. She's gorgeous and smart and he's instantly hooked.

When Frank makes Liza a deal she can't refuse—a bet she will fall in love with Cole or a cool half mil goes to charity—the game is on. But neither bet on the real feelings that surface. Could a fake fling turn into an official forever?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sandra! My husband said the same thing (sounding surprised!). I took them with my trusty iPhone. I just love that little contraption! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. Keep that handy-dandy phone on the ready for a Michael Morse snapshot one day :) It'll be weird to see him in a different uniform this year. Will he always be a NATS guy at heart for you?

  2. Hi, Aislynn! Thanks so much for hosting me here today. I'm excited to share the fun day I had at Nationals Park with you and your readers. It's an honor to be here! :)

  3. How fun! Great pictures. I sat in a suite and watched a White Sox game one time, courtesy of a vendor my husband worked with once. It was pretty cool - especially the variety of food. :) I would love to get a backstage tour of Wrigley Field sometime. I need to figure out when they have tours, as my son and husband would love it.

    1. Hi, Amy! Thanks for stopping by. So cool that you got to sit in a suite at a White Sox game! Bonus points for good food, too. Let me know when we're going behind-the-scenes at Wrigley! :)

  4. Hi Aislynn! Hi Tracy! Thanks for taking us along on this behind the scenes tour, Tracy! I *love* baseball. I hope to visit all the major league parks. (Still got a long ways to go!) And I loved The Practice Proposal! Congrats on this wonderful release!

    1. Hi, Robin! Nice to see you here! I'm always thrilled to find other women who *love* baseball. There are a lot of us! I like you're goal to visit all the major league parks. There sure is quite a variety, and it sounds like fun! So happy you liked The Practice Proposal. I appreciate you reading it! :)

  5. Hey, gals -

    Great Day in the Life Of! I'm jealous, Tracy. My boys have seen the Nats play there--twice when RWA was in DC--but I haven't been. We did go to all of the five parks in California last year, however. Maybe we'll have to do a behind the scenes tour of the Braves' field!


    1. Hi, Kels! So cool that you made it to all five parks in you'll have to do the east coast! You should definitely do a behind-the-scenes tour of the Brave's field. Smarty boy would love that--you, too! :)


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