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Interview with Author Jess Michaels

Jess Michaels began writing full-time in 1999 after being encouraged by her husband to follow her dream. In 2003, she sold her first novella to Red Sage Press, an erotic historical romance about an Egyptian tomb and a very sexy curse. Since then she has published (or has contracted to publish by the end of 2013) 37 novels and novellas under three different pen names with several major publishers, small presses and via self-publishing. Her erotic historical romances have been national bestsellers and won awards from booksellers and readers.

In 2011, she and her husband moved to Tucson, AZ. There she enjoys hiking in the beautiful desert, spending time with her nephews, designing jewellery (which you can buy here), reading and spending time with her awesome husband and cats.

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Welcome Jess to Stitch Read Cook!  Thank you for stopping by.

What inspired you to write historical romances?

When I started reading romance, I really loved historical romance more than anything else, so I think it was natural that I gravitated to what I loved to read. Of course, now I get to read less of it since I'm always writing. LOL

What authors influenced you the most?

Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, L.M. Montgomery (who wrote Anne of Green Gables and a bunch of other books I loved as a girl).

If you could be any character from any book, who would it be?

Probably Anne from Anne of Green Gables if I had to pick, though I'd rather have her be my character friend. I kind of like being just me, but there are lots of characters I'd definitely love to have lunch with.

What book is at the top of your 'must read' list?

I think I might have to be the last one in the universe to read Lisa Kleypas's contemporary books. Seriously, I'm so behind but she's a favorite and I'd like to revisit a favorite.

What are working on now? Can you give us some info on your current WIP?  TakenByTheDuke72lg

I have a new series that starts in July. It's called The Pleasure Wars. The first book is TAKEN BY THE DUKE and is about two families that have been at war for generations, with tragic results. Now my hero, Christian, decides to take the heroine, Ava as an act of revenge. But Ava is on a mission of peace, and she'll use her body to obtain it if she has to.

Would you ever write outside your genre? If so, why? If not, why not?

I actually do write outside the erotic romance and historical romance genre. As Jesse Petersen, I write funny urban fantasy about zombies and monsters. Between the two, I'm set currently, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't write something else if it struck my fancy.

Quick & Easy:

Hero or Bad Boy? Bad Boy who becomes a Hero

Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Wallflower but I've done both.

Read or Writing? Writing.

Reality or Fiction? Reality is pretty good.

Love at First Sight or Second Chances? In books? Both.

Scandal or Intrigue? Scandal with a hint of intrigue.

Plotter or Panster? Plotter.

Paperbacks or E-books? I read more when I use my Kindle. So eBooks.

Coffee or Tea? Vanilla Coke Zero

Author's Choice: What do you want to ask the readers? What makes you want to read a book and talk about it?

She will do anything for him…except surrender.

Vivien Manning, the notorious Mistress Matchmaker, is tired. Tired of the parties, tired of the lovers, tired of being her. So she decides to leave London behind once and for all and start a whole new life.

But before she goes, she must tie up some loose ends, so she makes a list which includes one man she’s never been fully able to let go:  Benedict Graystone.

Benedict was broken when Vivien broke off their affairs years ago. So when she comes back into his life… and his bed, he isn’t certain of anything except the power of their desire.

But as Vivien moves ever closer to disappearing forever, both of them begin to question if the past can be overcome and if love might be the one loose end that cannot be neatly tied up.

Warning: This book contains scenes of a powerful woman, unafraid of her sexuality, trying to find her way in the world. There is a brief scene of a threesome M/F/M and then one woman falling madly in love with one man. Proceed with caution, a fan and tissues.


  1. Looking forward to reading this book, yea!

  2. I want a romance with an HEA - other than that I like variety of settings & stories.


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