Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: How to Entice An Earl by Manda Collins

Title:  How To Entice An Earl
Author:  Manda Collins
Genre:  Historical Romance
Pages:  336
Published:  January 2013
Publisher:  St. Martin’s
Source:  Publisher via NetGalley
Buy Link:  Amazon


Lady Madeline Essex is the last of the unwed “ducklings” in her family—and by far the most outspoken. But when she boldly enters London’s most notorious gaming house in search of fodder for her novel, even her sharp tongue can’t save her from the horrible crime she stumbles upon there. As luck would have it, first on the scene is the last man she wants to see her vulnerable. The one man who could tempt her heart…

Christian Monteith, the new Earl of Gresham, isn’t much for card rooms and gaming hells. But as a favor to his former commanding officer, he's investigating a gamester for espionage on the night that Maddie ventures in looking more enticing than he's ever seen her. Suddenly, his feelings for his friend aren't so friendly anymore. And when her curiosity brings the impetuous novelist to the attention of a madman, Christian will stop at nothing to protect her—from a sinister plot that is far more dangerous than any stolen kiss…

Lady Madeline is on the hunt for information for her novel and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of society to do that.  She convinces her brother to take her along to one of the most notorious hells in London.  Little does Madeline know that this night won’t be like anything she’s ever experienced.

Gresham is far from thrilled to see Lady Madeline at the hell with her brother and is even more furious to find her abandoned there when things go terribly wrong.  He’s not sure what to think of her, she’s outspoken, she’s adventurous, she’s a writer and doesn’t really care what people think about her – and he feels the need to protect her.

I’m really sad to see this series end!  I have really enjoyed seeing how the three friends have found their husbands and their happily ever afters.  One of the things I really enjoyed about Manda’s series is the combination of intrigue, scandal, mystery, adventure and romance.  Each of the ducklings has quite the adventure to find what they are looking for.

Would I recommend this book?  Yes!  I really like Manda’s writing style and her characters.  I’d love to see more on some of the secondary characters – like Amelia and what happens to her.  She’s the ‘bully’ who likes to make things more difficult for the girls and I’m curious where she ends up!  Would I read more by this author?  In a heart beat!

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