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A Day in the Life of… Leanora Moore


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Leanora Moore loves to read and write about happy endings in romance novels. After publishing her first two romance novels titled "The Caress of a Younger Man" and "Heavenly Kingdom", Leanora wanted to see more plus size women as heroines in romance novels. So she decided to create the "Voluptuously Curvy and Loving It Series” that tells the stories of feisty plus size women and the men that they love. Currently she’s working on volume three of the series titled, His Forgotten Lover that will continue to motivate and empower women of all shapes and sizes.

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My days are based on my health from day to day, since I have been diagnosed with Lupus and Chronic Asthma. All that aside here’s my typical day, and just so you know, I’m not a morning person, I’m more of a night owl. So everyone knows to stay out of my way till I’ve had my morning shower and my caffeine fix of Dr. Pepper.

9:30AM - I get up and shower to wake me up after a late night of writing.

10:30AM - I have fully dresses and started breakfast, for myself, my husband, and my kids. Now I have teenagers, so you can imagine how much I have to cook and how much my grocery bill is a month.

11:30AM – After taking my medication, I finally sit down to my laptop, and for an hour or so I check my emails for interview request or fan mail. Then I check into Facebook, and see if anything new is going on in the different groups I participate in, and then I also update my status on my regular page and my fan page.

12:30PM – I finally get down to writing, and I try to complete 5,000 words or more a day. In a typical day I write for six hours a day, whether I working on my current project, working on my outline for the next project, or doing research.

5:30 or 6PM – I stop to make dinner before my family get restless. I also use this time to check my emails again and sign into Facebook, to update my status and check into my groups.

7PM / 9PM – Is family time where we watch a movie together or dance to Just Dance 4 on the XBOX 360 which is loads of fun, and I love beating my kids on this game because they believe that their dad and I are getting old.

11PM – 4AM - I working on more research or brainstorming for my next few projects. Sometimes I work on sending out review request and interview request. I also take this time to update my website and fan page on Facebook. If I haven’t met my word count for the day, I use this time to do it.

This a calm day in my household, on a chaotic day I usually have errands to run and doctors appointments to go to, or a sick child to deal with. As you know, a mother’s job is never done.

Thank you for having me on your blog, and for letting my share my day with you. Everyone have a blessed day!

Leanora Moore

Deidra Parker is a plus size executive assistant, who has led a boring life and she's tired of it. So she decided to add some excitement to her life. Starting with getting the attention of the only man she has ever loved since they were kids in the sandbox and who also happened to be her boss, Jackson Reynolds.

Jackson has the reputation of being a playboy, because his relationships never last longer than a month or two. Just ending his last relationship, Jackson starts to rethink his idea on dating and wants to give up on dating for a while.

Will Deidra's new look and attitude make Jackson want to be in a lasting relationship or will he revert back to his old ways and hurt Deidra in the process?


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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post!

  2. Hello Everyone, I want, to thank Aislynn for allowing me to share my day on her blog and with all of you. I really enjoyed this experience so much.

    Leanora Moore


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