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All Hallows Eve Indies Blog Tour: T L Manning

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From October 17th until October 31st author Jessie Lane and Brandy of Romancebookworms have got 50+ Paranormal Indie Authors that will blow your socks off! Some of them will ensnare you with their love stories involving vampires, and some of them might scare the bejesus out of you. Either way, we have something for everybody.

Whether you like werewolves, vampires, demons, shifters or the fae, this tour will bring you authors you’ve read a million times already and love, as well as new authors to pick up!

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Today I’m one of those lucky bloggers!


My name is T.L.Manning, I was born in a small town (you have never heard of) in Midcoast Maine in 1977. I began to write and read at a very young age as a way to crawl into another world that called to me. I also use painting and singing to tell these tales that live inside of me. With so many stories to come I hope you and I will walk this journey together.
Most Authors use this space to tell you about all the reasons why they feel qualified to be the Author you want to read.
I guess I should do that as well, here goes. I am qualified to write YA and NA Paranormal Fiction because........

Crickets *chirp*

What makes one person more qualified than another in the writing world? A degree in English? Maybe a class in creative writing? I don't think any of these things are qualifications considering I went to college twice
(neither of which were for being a novelist) Look what I am doing with the education now

*insert chuckle here* (via Amazon.com)

Delilah Grace is crushed by the death of her mother. What she doesn’t know is that this tragedy will begin the unexplainable series of events of something right out of a storybook for her.

She meets her all beautiful long lost family, told she’s not only a witch, but also the Chosen one to end a century old curse her bloodlines began. Delilah leaves the only home she’s ever known and moves across the country with her new family.

With deeply held fears, serious concern for her own sanity, but also unabashed curiosity to learn more about whom she truly is and why her mother kept the truth from her. Soon, she is not only fighting a curse and dark magic but also her heart to a man she barely knows, but also whom she cannot seem to say no to.

She is delved into a real make-believe world, where nightmares can actually kill her and the weight of her family’s legacy, livelihood and overall continuation is cast upon her shoulders. Can Delilah be the saviour they all prayed she would be or will she also become Cursed?

For something a bit different today I have the lovely Delilah Grace here to visit and answer a few questions!

Welcome Delilah!

- What's a day in the life of Delilah Grace consist of?

Trying to figure out who I am, I know sounds like everyone right? I mean, trying to figure out what being the "chosen one" really means, and what part this curse has on my life. No one seems to know, and only tell me lies to make me feel better. So here we are in the darkness, how did you get in here anyway?

- What is something no one knows about you and would be surprised to learn?

I have dreams about the darkness, not scary ones but inviting ones. I think that it's not as bad as we think it is, maybe the darkness isn't as frightening as we believe, you know what? Can you erase that I said that, My family would kill me if they heard that. Instead can I say that I have dreams about Lukin, weird dreams like I knew him in another time and I feel so safe and sexy when he looks at me. Wait, I didn't mean that either, let me start over ok? You deleted all of that right? Just say that I like to take naps, yeah that sounds much better than all the truth.

- What are three qualities would best describe you?

Three qualities, I am loyal like a golden retriever (sometimes to a fault). I forgive a little easier than I should, and I see the best in everyone, even those who seem to have no good in them at all.

- If Hollywood optioned your story, who would you like to see play you?

That's a funny question, If I actually told my story no one would believe me, but if I had to pick anyone I think I would pick Drew Barrymore, you know during her red phase of course. She can charm the pants off a man while she is kicking him at the same time.

- What song would be your theme song?

If I had to pick one song, it would be the one on my iPod right now. I play it on repeat right now, it's Royals by Lorde. I look at my family and think that they live inside my head when I listen to the words.

Thank you so much for having me!


One lucky commenter will win an e-book copy of PRECIOUS ANATHEMA
by T L Manning!

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