Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Review: Somewhere to Dream by Genevieve Graham

Title:  Somewhere to Dream
Author:  Genevieve Graham
Genre:  Historical Romance
Pages:  336
Publisher:  Berkley
Published:  November 2013
Source:  NetGalley


From Genevieve Graham, author of Sound of the Heart, comes the tale of two strangers living with the Cherokee—one with a warrior’s heart; the other with deadly dreams…

The Cherokee call her Shadow Girl. A white woman adopted by Indians, Adelaide is haunted by the dark dreams she hides—of her murdered family, of the men she fears, and most of all, of the ones that foretell the future. After her visions cause her to make a terrible mistake, she renounces her power and buries her dreams deep in her soul.

Until Jesse Black is captured by the tribe. His life is spared because the Cherokee believe his warrior spirit belongs to their fallen brother. Though he hates all Indians, Adelaide illuminates their way of life for him, just as he shines light into her shadowed heart. But when her dreams return, Jesse must help her face them…or die trying…

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We return to the Cherokee village once more, but this time we are along side Maggie’s sister Adelaide – also known as Shadow Girl.  Timid and fearful, young Adelaide has struggled with her gift, her life with the Cherokee and her sister moving away to a near by town. 

A vision changes everything for Adelaide and the lives of the Cherokee.  The man she was destined to marry is killed, and a captive is taken.  The moment she sees Jesse she knows things will never be the same.  The Cherokee believe that he is the reincarnation of her lost husband to be.

These two are interesting and are very troubled characters.  Both of them have tragic pasts that haunt them and aren’t quite ready to let go of yet.  As they befriend one another, Jesse sees another side of the people he’s been taught to hate and she sees that not all men are going to hurt her.

As they progress in their friendship they being to fall in love with one another, which plays right into the Cherokee’s plans – they want them together!  Adelaide isn’t sure she’s ready for marriage and all it entails, and fights against the push.

This is probably one of my favorite books by Genevieve.  The characters have such depth and such troubled souls – it was great seeing them learn to love and break free of what held them for so long.  Adelaide is so much more intense then Maggie, she had a darkness that she fought free from.  I loved her character right from the beginning!

Would I recommend this book?  In a heart beat – Genevieve is such a talented writer who had me hooked from the beginning of this series until the last page of this book.  I can’t wait to read more by her.

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