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A Day in the Life of… Kristen Callihan


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Kristen Callihan

Kristen Callihan is a child of the 80’s, which means she's worn neon skirts, black-lace gloves, and combat boots (although never all at once) and can quote John Hughes movies with the best of them.

A life long daydreamer, she finally realized that the characters in her head needed a proper home and thus hit the keyboard. She believes that falling in love is one of the headiest experiences a person can have, so naturally she writes romance. Her love of superheroes, action movies, and history led her to write historical paranormals.

She lives in the Washington D.C. area and, when not writing, looks after two children, one husband, and a dog — the fish can fend for themselves.

Day in the life of Kristen Callihan

(if she was a romance author circa 1980, or what she’d imagine said author’s life would be like in the 1980s as learned through pop culture.)

10am Get out of bed

Supermodel Linda Evangelista once said she didn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 dollars. Unfortunately, no one is offering me 10k to get out of bed. Thus, I’ve decided that I shall not get out of bed until 10 am. This little act of rebellion has yet to garner much attention, but I will say that I’m feeling quite refreshed as of late.

10:15 am

Slip on pink silk peignoir with the feather-lined collar. Feathers tend to get up my nose and make me sneeze, but the look is all the rage with my fellow author friends, and one cannot fall behind on fashion. Steal one truffle from secret stash by my bed before gliding out to my balcony, overlooking my estate.

There, Sven, my personal assistant, is waiting with coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and croissant. I nibble delicately on my breakfast as Sven gives me a neck rub and conveys all the latest gossip. Several of my author friends have been quite naughty. Do not get me started on what New York has been up to.

Mental note: send Sven out for manicure. He is getting a callous on his left index finger.

11:15 am

Dictation of three scenes to Sven as I recline on my chaise lounge. Have recently had the chaise reupholstered in white satin. I find myself sliding off. Must reconsider fabric choices.

12:30 pm

Lunch. Fruit, salad, steak. Sadly, fruit and salad do not appeal. Eat the steak. Wash it down with Champagne. Pink, of course.

1:30 pm

Call my editor. We discuss my love life first. She is very supportive of this, and always calls me “darling.” As she should. She then tells me that my last manuscript was simply perfect, made her weep, and that we should do lunch tomorrow. We often do lunch, then I work in her office while she reads each scene fresh from my typewriter. And weeps over the beauty of them.

I love her office. It is very big, very white, and lined with windows that have views of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. Quite the accomplishment for a view, but I have never questioned it. Why would I? It is in New York!


I wake up. Sadly, it was a dream. It is actually 8:05 am, and I’ve overslept. Now the kids are in danger of being late for school. Throw on PJs, look for socks, can’t find socks, brave the cold floors on bare feet instead while crying out to kids to get dressed.

Hand out bowls of cereal while slapping together lunch. They might be getting jam and pickles. I’m not sure; need to hurry.

Tell kids to put on shoes and coats. Get my own.

No kids. Shout at kids to put on shoes and coats. Kid #1 has on coat no shoes. Kid #2 has on one shoe and a hat. Repeat request.

Take DS away from Kid #1. Kid #2 picks up DS while I struggle with Kid #1

FINALLY get kids to school. Neighbor comments that she quite liked my festive Christmas PJs. Are they new? Yes, yes they are. Quite the change up from the pink skulls, eh?

10:00 am

Coffee in hand, sit down to computer. Turn on Pandora. Answer tweets, FB, email. Can’t finish email. More tweets come in. Answer. Try to remember email. Start working on scene, deadline is looming!

Wash, rinse, repeat until children come home!

Once a heart is lost in shadow...

Life has been anything but kind to Mary Chase. But the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals has given her purpose. Now she's been tasked with catching a vicious murderer dubbed the Bishop of Charing Cross. But someone is already on the case—and the last thing he relishes is a partner.

Only someone who lives in darkness can find it.

Jack Talent has been alone with his demons for many years. He never expected to have the willful Mary Chase assist him on the Bishop case. Their age-old rivalry reaches new heights—even as their desire for one another reaches a fever pitch. Though he aches to bring her close, Jack's dark secrets are a chasm between them. With dangerous enemies closing in, Jack must find the strength to face the past...or risk losing Mary forever.

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