Monday, December 2, 2013

Book Review: Cinderella Screwed Me Over by Cindi Madsen

Title:  Cinderella Screwed Me Over
Author:  Cindi Madsen
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Chicklit
Pages:  400
Published:  October 2013
Publisher:  Entangled
Source:  NetGalley


Darby Quinn has a bone to pick with Cinderella. Burned one too many times by ex-boyfriends, Darby has lost all belief in the happily-ever-after that the fairy-tale princess promised her. She's sworn off love, Prince Charmings, and happy endings and she's happy about it. Really. Or at least she was…until she met Jake, her gorgeous neighbor and the manager of her favorite restaurant. But Darby has rules about dating, ones she's culled from her years spent with so-called “princes,” and starting something with Jake would break all of them.

Charming, fun, and unwilling to give up on her, Jake doesn’t fit any of the profiles Darby has created from her case studies of ex-princes-gone-bad. Finally presented with her own Prince Charming, can Darby take a chance on a happily-ever-after?

Full of wit and sarcastic humor, Cinderella Screwed Me Over proves that sometimes the perfect love, like a perfect pair of shoes, is just within your grasp.

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Darby has rules about dating, a list that has grown over the years after many bad dates, bad relationships and the not so charming princes she’s met.  When Darcy meets Jake she accuses of him lying about who he is and manages to put her foot firmly in her mouth.

Jake doesn’t fit any of the prince profiles that Darby has laid out, and doesn’t meet any of her rules.  But that doesn’t seem to stop his pursuit and how she feels about him.  Even though Darby has sworn off love and dating she can’t help but fall for Jake – and is she ready to have her own happy ending?

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book as the case studies – the comparison to her exes was funny, witty, sarcastic and had me giggling - and eagerly looking for the next one.  I really liked that Jake didn’t fit any typical profile that Darby had set out, he is a unique guy who really kept her on her toes.

These two have a rocky relationship – both of them are trying to figure out where they stand and how to make it work.  Darcy is breaking all her rules and is afraid of getting her heart broken yet again.  Opening up to Jake could be a mistake – is she willing to make it and see what happens?

Would I recommend this book?  Yes!  It was a great read.  The writing flowed well, and hooked me right from the start.  Cindi has a great writing style that I really enjoyed and can’t wait for more.

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  1. This book sounds adorable :) I love curling up with books like this when I just want a fun, feel good story. I'll definitely have to read this one soon!

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates


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