Monday, January 20, 2014

Mini Bloggiesta – Jan 25/26


Bloggiesta was originally started in June of 2009 by the lovely and tenacious Natasha from Maw Books Blog. In March of 2012 Natasha graciously passed the torch on to Suey from It’s All About Books and Danielle from There’s A Book. (via Bloggiesta website)

Upcoming Events

January 25-26: Mini Winter Bloggiesta
March 28-30: Spring Bloggiesta
July 19-20: Mini Summer Bloggiesta
September 19-21: Fall Bloggiesta

I’ve decided to sign up with my first mini bloggiesta!  My BFF Chrystal from Snowdrop Dreams of Books has all so signed up – hopefully we’ll keep each other motivated!

I’m going to try and tackle everything on the Bloggiesta Mini Challenge Master To Do List

❏  write two reviews
❏  update link lists and archive lists
❏  update Goodreads reviews
❏  clean up labels/tags
❏  do two mini challenges
❏  change or fix one thing on your sidebar
❏  add a page (about me, contact, policy, etc)
❏  change one thing on your layout and/or look
❏  comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogs
❏  participate in at least one Twitter chat

Also I’d like to:

❏  organize my emails/clean them up
❏  setup templates for my weekly/monthly feature posts (A Day in the Life of, What’s Cooking? Monthly Wrap Up etc)
❏  update my policy page
❏  clean up my GoodReads To Read list
❏  learn how to optimize my website

It’s quite the list I know, but I’m hoping to tackle as many as I can!

Are you going to sign up?


  1. Wahoo! Good luck with that crazy list! So glad you've decided to join in. :)

  2. I totally need to clean up my to read list on GoodReads, too. The thought of that task makes me a little weak at the knees!

    1. Same here, but I know I need to do it.. and I've put it off for WAY too long.

  3. Your first Bloggiesta! Hope you have a blast (and accomplish lots)!

  4. It's a great idea to set up templates for regular posts. I'm also looking into SEO this weekend. Good luck with your goals.


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