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The Trouble with Honor by Julia London {Blog Tour}


imageJulia London is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly best selling author of more than a twenty romantic fiction novels. She is the author of the popular Desperate Debutante and Scandalous historical romance series, including the upcoming The Last Debutante, the fourth and final book in the Secrets of Hadley Green series. She is also the author of several contemporary women’s fiction novels with strong romantic elements, including Summer of Two Wishes, One Season of Sunshine, and Light at Winter’s End.

Julia is the recipient of the RT Bookclub Award for Best Historical Romance and a four-time finalist for the prestigious RITA award for excellence in romantic fiction. She lives in Austin, Texas.
Julia’s website:

Title: The Trouble with Honor
Author: Julia London
Imprint: Harlequin HQN
Price: $7.99 U.S. / $8.99 CAN.
Release: March 2014
Format: PBMM ISBN: 9780373778454
E-ISBN: 9781460327098

Desperate times call for daring measures as Honor Cabot, the eldest stepdaughter of the wealthy Earl of Beckington, awaits her family’s ruin. Upon the earl’s death she and her sisters stand to lose the luxury of their grand home—and their place on the pedestal of society—to their stepbrother and his social-climbing fiancée. Forced to act quickly, Honor makes a devil’s bargain with the only rogue in London who can seduce her stepbrother’s fiancée out of the Cabots’ lives for good.

An illegitimate son of a duke, George Easton was born of scandal and grows his fortune through dangerous risks. But now he and Honor are dabbling in a perilous dance of seduction that puts her reputation and his jaded heart on the line. And as unexpected desire threatens to change the rules of their secret game, the stakes may become too high even for a notorious gambler and a determined, free-spirited debutante to handle.

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Welcome Julia!

Where did you come up with this unique series idea about the four Cabot sisters?

To begin, I had two sisters and a brother.  I get siblings.  And I have lots of sibling stuff to draw from.  Mostly all good!  I thought it would be fun to watch these characters go through a metamorphosis in their situations and in their attitudes about the world in general.  And I wanted to write about debutantes because they were essentially powerless.  What would a regency woman do, who had no money of her own, no laws to protect her, and a lot of societal rules about what was acceptable behavior for her?  How would she affect her future?  She wouldn’t have a lot of options.  It was fun to write.

Can you tell us a little bit about the Cabot sisters and their different personalities?

Honor is spirited and the apple of the eye of her terminally ill step-father.  She sees herself as caretaker of her ailing mother and three younger sisters.  She was burned by one suitor, and is determined to always have the upper hand with any other suitor.

Grace is one year younger than Honor.  She both admires her sister and disapproves of her.  She is not as bold or daring as Honor, and she thinks her ideas are much more grounded in reality.  The reader can judge for themselves in The Fall of Grace, which comes out in August.

Prudence is sixteen years old when the series opens, and she wants to be like her older sisters.  But she is more pragmatic than they are, and sometimes is the only voice of true reason.

Mercy is the thirteen.  She wears glasses and is fascinated with the macabre. Mercy loves nothing better than to find a captive audience and tell them fantastical ghost stories.  The reader will gradually learn in subsequent books that Mercy does not like rules. 

What’s the most exciting part of the writing process for you?

It’s easier to tell you what’s not fun about writing (whine much?).  The best part is in the beginning, when I first get the idea for the story.  It always begins with the characters, and they begin to take shape in my imagination.  I imagine where they live, how they live.  Who is in their lives, who is not in their lives.  The ideas are what make me want to write.  But when I start writing, and have to fully flesh out the characters, I can get a bit whiny, because it is hard work.  Characters start off like cardboard cut-outs before they become flesh and bone to me.  The long and short of it is, the most exciting part of the writing process is also the most challenging.


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